Multisystemic Therapy

Multisystemic Therapy (MST) is offering new hope to young people with serious behavioral disorders and their families.  MST is a family and home-based treatment that strives to change how youth function in their natural settings (including home, school and neighborhood) in ways that promote positive social behavior while decreasing antisocial behavior.  This "multisystemic" approach views individuals as being surrounded by a network of interconnected systems that encompass individual, family, and extra familial (peer, school, neighborhood) factors and recognizes that intervention is often necessary in a combination of these systems.  Most significantly, the conceptual framework of MST fits closely with the known causes of delinquency and substance abuse.  MST addresses these factors in an individualized, comprehensive, and integrated manner.

What services can be provided?mst

  • Assessment

  • Individual, Family, and Peer Intervention

  • Chemical dependency treatment

  • Interventions with schools and the legal system

  • Medical Management

  • Legal Advocacy support

How often and how long can services be provided?

  • Usually multiple times each week for 3 to 5 months depending on need

Who can quality?

  • Youth 11 to 17 years old who are at serious risk of involvement or who are already involved in the legal system due to:

    • Physically or verbally aggressive behaviors

    • Truancy

    • Substance Abuse

  • Must be insured by Medicaid or Medicaid eligible

What are some of the benefits of MST?

  • Reduced involvement in the legal system

  • Better relationships with family and friends

  • Greater success in school

  • Caretakers gain a better understanding of how to address the needs of the youth more effectively

Locations we currently serve:

  • Ouachita Parish, East Baton Rouge Parish, Lafayette Parish, Madison Parish, Tensas Parish, Lincoln Parish, Union Parish, East Carroll Parish, West Carroll Parish


Angela Pegues (318) 340-1535     Melissa Williams (318) 574-1232   Deborah Singleton (225) 926-9706  Shannon Vallair (337) 740-4140